The 12 Days Of Christmas by “Her Indoors” co-author @TerryTyler4 #FridayReads Day 6

This gets funnier every day.

Rosie Amber

Christmas Tree

The Twelve Days of Christmas –

by ‘Her Indoors’, Rosie Amber & TerryTyler


On The Sixth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Six geese a-laying……

6 geese

Well they saw you coming down the market didn’t they? Dum-dum, geese lay in the SPRING, not at bleedin’ Christmas! Meanwhile, I’m going to have to find somewhere to put ’em, aren’t I? Along with the partridge, and the doves, and the hens and them other noisy ones—what is it with you and birds, anyway? Haven’t I given you enough hints with them pages I left open in the Argos catalogue? Since when did they sell GEESE in Argos?

Five Gold Rings…

5 Gold Rings new

FIVE? What are you feeling guilty about, eh? One would have been quite sufficient! About time too, how many years have we been married?   I tell you what, it still makes me go hot and cold after all these…

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