The 12 Days Of Christmas by “Her Indoors” co-author @TerryTyler4 #WeekendBlogHop Day 7

Saving the best post until last, Terry – love these. Thank you so much.Jx

Rosie Amber

Christmas Tree

The Twelve Days of Christmas –

by ‘Her Indoors’, Rosie Amber & Terry Tyler

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me….

Seven Swans a-swimming…..


Oh, that’s great. Just great. So I’ve got to spend Boxing Day cleaning out the pool, have I? Hey – hang on a minute. Don’t swans all belong to the Queen? I’m bloody sure that’s right, I read it in our Jenny’s encyclopaedia when I was helping her with her homework. So where ‘ave you nicked these from, then? Buckingham Palace? And does it mean we’re going to get the Swan Patrol knocking on our door, come December 27th? I’m ringing the old bill up now, I am, they can take ’em back. Well, I’ve got four of ’em swimming in the bath, two in the tin tub and one in the sink – how am I supposed to do the…

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