Ten things I loved about you, 2015

Grab a bacon butty and spend an hour reading Barb’s post. Well worth an hour of the morning.

Barb Taub

What’s the best thing about renting a house for the holidays? Between my jeans with stretch lycra and the fact that our AirBnB has no bathroom scale or full-length mirror, I have no idea what damage the holiday meals and desserts have done. So instead of making holiday resolutions that involve exercise classes and food choices for the coming new year, I’m looking back over the past year’s blog posts at what readers preferred most. Here are their top ten most visited choices:

Number 10:  What I did on my excellent India Vacation. Elephant frenzy, parathas, temples, palaces, monkeys, and the kindness of Indian strangers. (For a complete list of all the India trip blogs, click here.) 


Number 9:  When does “NO” really mean “YES”? Dear Author-Whose-Book-I’m-Supposed-To-Be-Reviewing-Today: We writers are gods. We can make our characters do anything we want, including taking the time to make sure…

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