Happy New Year Everyone!



I want to wish all my readers, followers and dear friends who have supported me in 2015 a wonderful New Year filled with love, promise, hope and prosperity! Thank you!

My Accomplishments:

In 2015 I published two children’s books, two middle-grade books, read and reviewed 138 books, edited several other books and supported a multitude of fellow authors on my blog and different social media.

My Goals:

In 2016 I plan to publish two children’s books, a mystery/romance/paranormal novel, book 3 of Davey & Derek series and begin writing a middle-grade series for girls and edit another novel and write some short stories to put into a collection for a future book. I will give myself another goal of reading and reviewing 125 books on Goodreads.


With your kind support and readership I hope to complete and surpass these goals.

If you read any Jemsbooks a review would be greatly appreciated!…

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