The Book Case – Flooded

Judith Barrow

When I saw on television the damage that the floods have caused over the last few weeks I realised how lucky we’ve been in this part of Pembrokeshire. There have been some heartbreaking images and stories of people being forced out of their homes, of businesses, livelihoods being lost.  But, recently, it was one photograph in a newspaper that stayed with me.

The BookcaseIt was in an article in The Guardian under  the headlines “Leading authors join drive to help flood-hit Yorkshire bookshop.” Well known authors were being asked to donate their books for auction to raise funds for a local independent book shop, The Book Case in Hebden Bridge which, before the floods looked like this:

I love Yorkshire; I originally came from a village there. We’ve had many holidays walking in the Yorkshire Dales.  Hebden Bridge is a town we’ve visited .I couldn’t get the image of that shop and…

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4 thoughts on “The Book Case – Flooded

  1. Flooding is such a mess… on so many levels. I’ve been lucky to live on high ground. I nearly made my home in the “Olde Town” area, and not knowing (when I arrived) that it gets flooded frequently. Huge hugs to you.


    • The flooding seems to have taken a lot of areas by surprise, Teagan. We live on a hill as well, if we were flooded the whole village would be underwater! We are so lucky here. I was going to visit my mother tomorrow but floods are forecast again in Lancashire and Yorkshire for the next two days.Jxxx


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