#RBRT #Bookreview of MOLLY’S MISADVENTURES by @denaehaggerty, #romance #humor

An ascertaining review with great depth of the book. Thanks, barb

Barb Taub


In my What’s My Genre post, I mentioned the elements of various genres. Here was my example of the generic romance novel:


coverImage-3Penelope Marysue is a dimple-chinned, brainy, and kickass detective who practices in the mean conservative streets of suburban Seattle. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Guy Hero, a delicate, sophisticated man with a passion for growing orchids.

Penelope takes an instant dislike to Guy and his selfish take-the-last-cookie ways he learnt during his years on Great Granny Fanny’s wholesome but hardworking farm.

However, when a conservative banker tries to take calls on his mobile in the theater AND posts spoilers online framing Penelope, Guy springs to the rescue. Penelope begins to notice that Guy is actually rather a liberal at heart.

But the pressures of Guy’s job as a bitter, scarred IRS tax auditor leave him blind to…

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