Book Review – Queen of Shadows by @SJMaas #YA

Shelley Wilson Author

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas


My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the series and follows Celaena Sardothian as she steps into her role as assassin one more time.

I am a huge fan of Sarah Maas and devoured this book as quickly as I could, often staying up until the small hours to finish ‘one more chapter’.

You are thrown straight into the action but there are enough links to the previous books to help you stick with the storyline, although I strongly suggest you read the first three books (Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire) so you know what’s going on and who the characters are.

Celaena is back in Rifthold and looking for revenge.  Her lust for blood is at an all-time high, and expertly represented in the descriptive prose.  Maas does a…

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