You won’t believe where London went on Wednesday

Would never have arrived!!

Barb Taub

London, what happened? Where is everyone?

I arrived in London on Wednesday. As I left King’s Cross Station, London looked just the same as always—gray skies, icy rain, bright lights. But…where were all the people?

At the Underground at Piccadilly Circus, only a few people waited on the platform. The Royal Academy, when I called in to see the Jean-Etienne Liotard exhibition, was virtually deserted, the gift shop empty. Outside, only a few people walked down the avenue. Had there been a plague? Terrorist threat? Zombie apocalypse?

Now, I might not have lived in the UK for that long, but I have learned a few things. And at the top of that list? When the going gets tough, the tough go for tea. I went across the street to Fortnum & Mason. Although giant signs covering every window proclaimed “Final Reductions”, the stairway behind the model Tea Mahal was empty. Nobody lingered over the sale tables, despite their discrete tags…

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