No heroes/capes/spandex. Just villains…and Queen

Barb Taub

My daughter and I have this tiny little life-altering addiction to superhero movies. Okay, we’d probably starve to death with chocolate only a room away if a Marvel hero was in front of us. (Except Hulk, of course, because that would be just wrong.) But in general, give some guy a spandex outfit and a mask and he owns us.

There are just two problems:

  1. Heroes are just so…heroic. And really, really good. I’m pretty sure that when he takes off the spandex, Captain America goes home and vacuums his condo and cleans his toilet. (Yawn.) After a while, you just really start craving a devious, snarky, frankly bad villain or two.
  2. Queen is a better soundtrack than some riff on the Star Spangled Banner.

DC Comics universe gets all that—at least in the trailer for their upcoming release, Suicide Squad with Will Smith as Deadshot, Jay Leto as Joker, and especially…

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