FORSAKEN by Ken Newman #bookreview #fantasy #romance

Barb Taub

Writers, gods, and cigarettes in space

Writers are gods. We can build worlds and say how things work in them. This is the seduction and the problem with writing fantasy. If we writers say that a thirteen-year-old boy can wave a little stick and magic happens, then we had better build a world with some pretty severe limitations on that kid’s stick waving. If not, our story will be lucky to make it as far as a novella, let alone seven volumes and eight movies.

“–Phlebotinum is the versatile substance that may be rubbed on almost anything to cause an effect needed by a plot.

In essence, it is the stuff that makes the plot go. Without it, the story would grind to an abrupt halt. It’s science, it’s magic, it’s strange things unknown to science or magic. The reader does not know how Phlebotinum would work and the creators hope nobody cares.

According to Joss Whedon, during the DVD commentary for…

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