Promotion Results for Ludwika


61b5f-christoph2bfischer2bcover2bludwikaLast week I used the five ‘free days’ in the KDP Select programme to allow free kindle downloads of Ludwika.
It is a double edged sword as it can attract verified troll reviews, but it helps to spread the word about yourself as an author and about the stories you write. I was lucky to secure a space in BookBub at my first attempt and I naturally jumped at the opportunity to get more publicity for the book (even though the good news reached me on holiday in San Francisco and I had to prepare everything from a borrowed laptop).

The result was phenomenal though: 63,380 hqdefaultdownloads worldwide, which is the best of all my BookBub and other promotions to date. I topped the free download charts for 36 hours on Amazon US, UK and stayed in the Top Ten in Australia, Canada and India for the same amount of time.

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