Judge these books by their US vs UK cover? — #FridayFiveChallenge from @rosieamber1

Interesting thought about the covers, Barb. The publishers let me choose all the covers for my trilogy – I think they look definitely part of twentieth century UK history

Barb Taub

In last week’s FridayFive, I recommended Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London. But some readers wrote back to say they had trouble finding it because in the States it not only has a different title, but a different cover as well.

I know from buying both versions of the Harry Potter books that this is a “thing”. My question is, does it work? So for today’s Friday Five Challenge, I’m departing from the usual format to take a poll.

This week, you make the buy/pass decision. Based solely on the covers above, which would you buy and which would be a pass for each pair of covers?

US version left, UK cover right [image credit: The Sequestered Nook] http://sequesterednook.booklikes.com/post/720669/rivers-of-london-or-midnight-riot [image credit: The Sequestered Nook]
Harry Potter Series: US next to UK covers [image credit: Sufficient Velocity] https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/us-covers-vs-foreign-covers.9453/page-2 [image credit: Sufficient Velocity]
Station Eleven: US cover left, UK cover right [Image credit: Rightly Designed] http://rightlydesigned.com/us-vs-uk-popular-book-cover-design-styles/ [Image credit: Rightly Designed]
Insurgent: left US cover, right UK cover [Image Credit: A Life Bound by Books]http://alifeboundbybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/book-wars-insurgent-divergent-2-by.html [Image Credit: A Life…

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