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Rosie Amber

The Canary GirlsThe Canary Girls by Rosie Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Canary Girls is historical fiction set in and around the coastal town of Gosport in Hampshire. Gosport lies next to the naval port of Portsmouth so the area was very busy during WW2. This is book 2 of a series and begins in 1944.

Rita works in a munitions factory with friends Em, Lizzie and Gladys. Rita works on the production line which puts TNT into shell cases, the women are exposed to dangerous chemicals, particularly tetryl which yellows the hair and skin, hence their nickname and the book title, “The Canary Girls.”

The book revolves around the storyline of secrets being leaked to the Germans, there are quite a lot of characters each with their own tale. For me this drew the book away from the main theme and made it more of a light read.

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