The story of two horses – Midnight and Satan – A true story!!!

Only time I ever got on a horse was in a Center Parcs. The horse backed slowly until we finished back in the stables (me lying horizontal to avoid the low roof). Since found out that bay pulling on the reins – this through sheer terror, I should add, meant that the horse thought I wanted it to go in reverse. Obviously the horse was cleverer than me! Or that it thought’ ‘no way am I going outside with this woman who hasn’t a clue how to drive me!’

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

A number of people have mentioned that they wanted to hear the story of Midnight and Satan after I did a teaser in my last Memories are made of this…1989.. Here is the paragraph concerned followed by the story of two horses.. Midnight and Satan.

We flew into Houston after the eleven hour flight and stood in line with 400 other arrivals waiting to pass through passport control. An announcement came over the tannoy. ‘David and Sally Cronin welcome to Houston, your friends are waiting outside for you.’ This is what happens when you have a friend working for one of the airlines!!! Sure enough we passed through the doors to be greeted by a whole crowd with two stick horses bearing the names of Midnight and Satan. That is a story for another day! That day is here!

Since I would like to prove my horse-riding credentials I offer…

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