Smorgasbord Health – Anaemia – Iron and Vitamin B complex deficiencies.

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Earlier in the week I posted on Vitamin B2 as part of the Vitamins and Minerals of the week series. One of the roles of B2 is to improve the uptake of iron from the cells and the absorption of iron.

Research into anaemia has highlighted the role of B2 in the body’s inability to manufacture red blood cells. There are two areas that would appear to be particularly critical. One is the vitamin’s role in mobilising iron from storage to the cells and secondly that a deficiency prevents the efficient absorption of iron.

However Iron deficiency anaemia is only one of the most common types and one in particular is related to a deficiency of B-vitamins. Here is more on the subject of Anaemia.


There are actually several types of Anaemia but whilst there are a number of reasons as you will see for the blood disorder…

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2 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health – Anaemia – Iron and Vitamin B complex deficiencies.

  1. Smorgasboard is awesome. There’s SO MUCH INFORMATION about nutrition in there. It’s a guilty pleasure – I like to read it, but she often points out the deficiencies and excesses in my own diet which I’m aware of and know I need to cure and curb. Like… how to make sure I’m eating veggies at work?


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