Stress Part four – Putting together a daily menu to dilute stress.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

In the last part on stress I introduced the foods that contain the nutrients needed to support the body and enable it to cope with stress more effectively. The link to that post is at the end.

It is better to eat little and often when you are stressed than eat little during the day and then have a large meal in the evening. It will certainly put less stress on your body. Although I am an advocate for Intermittent Fasting if you are under stress of any kind I do not recommend restricting your diet so radically on two days per week. I use the alternative to that which is eating within an 8 hour window but I still eat light or moderate meals during that period rather than larger portions.

Here are some ideas of how to put the foods containing stress related nutrients together.

Since fluids areā€¦

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