#RBRT #Bookreview of RISING FROM THE ASHES by Caren J. Werlinger, #YA #Fantasy #Irish

Barb Taub

“Hic Sunt Dracones.”

globe31376687401The oldest known globe, dating from 1510, is constructed of the bottom halves of two ostrich eggs fused together. The only sentence on the globe is located above the coast of Southeast Asia: “Hic Sunt Dracones.” [Image Credit: Washington Post]

Here there be dragons. Supposedly, ancient mapmakers used those words to warn of the most dangerous, unknown reaches of their worlds.  Because dragons were deadly, merciless predators the warning served a caution to explorers venturing into the unknown. Certainly the original dragons were bad news in most Western myth systems. Consider:

  • Satan, according to the biblical Book of Revelations, was a seven-headed red dragon with ten horns.
  • The patron saint of England, St. George, battled a poison-breathing dragon who noshed on children and maidens.
  • Greek myths have Jason killing a sleepless dragon to obtain the Golden Fleece.
  • In Spanish (Austurian region in northern Spain) mythology,Asturian (from Asturias, a…

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