The Dean Machine by @DylanLeePeters #Dystopia #Bookreview @VikkiPatis

Rosie Amber

The Dean MachineThe Dean Machine by Dylan Lee Peters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Dean Machine is an interesting mix of a book, the preface is the story of a rescue dog called Dean who is the inspiration for the dog which runs through the book. The Dean Machine itself is a dystopian dark fantasy with themes of human and animal rights, there is harsh torture and deep love and best of all money from sales of the book go to rescue dogs.

The book opens with Dan Delacor, who lives in Yellow City, this book is set in a futuristic time and place, everything in Yellow City has a yellow theme. Dan has anger issues, he also has only one arm. Very soon Dan spots a red dog, very unusual in this yellow city. Another time the dog leads Dan to a broken bridge and suddenly he has a…

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