“Know Your Freedom” award-winning documentary film interview: Fiza Pathan

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At the start I would like to thank both Supriya Srinivas and Ghalia Al-Aqili for giving me this wonderful opportunity to converse with them about their award-winning documentary film “Know Your Freedom”. Supriya Srinivas and Ghalia Al-Aqili are the co-directors, co- producers, and co-writers of this inspiring documentary.  

As co-directors, Ghalia and Supriya bring a unique insider/outsider approach to the exciting sporting journeys of the three Arab protagonists of the feature length documentary “Know Your Freedom”. Ghalia (the insider) knows the challenges only too well. Supriya (the outsider) asks the discomfiting questions often brushed aside as a social given. Together, the duo attempt to unravel a delicate web of social and cultural barriers that the protagonists must overcome other than trying to make a name for themselves in the rigorously competitive international sports of skydiving, figure skating and weightlifting. 

Presenting the award-winning co-directors of “Know Your Freedom”, Ghalia Al-Aqili and Supriya…

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