Saturday Historical Novelist Interview with Bill Douglas

Bill Douglas’ aim in writing it is to re-create a dramatic era and stimulate thinking on mental health issues. He wants people to read and talk about it. A fine aim, I think


MadworldscoverToday I have the pleasure of introducing Bill Douglas, whose book “Mad Worlds” I had the fortune to review for the Historical Novel Society

“Mad Worlds: A Tale of Despair and Hope in 1950s England” by Bill Douglas is a very memorable and emotional read about mental health care in Britain during the 1950ies. It tackles an important and difficult subject and handles it very well with believable characters and excellently researched details.
We witness teacher John Chisholm and his life in the Springwell Mental Institution while his wife Heather has to continue life on the outside, with many problems and tough choices to make of her own. Love, loyalty, prejudice, soul searching, frustration and hope feature in this moving and eye-opening book. It is a very powerful read that not only provides historical insights but also an interesting story beyond the mental health issue. Although set in the past…

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