What’s in a Name – ‘I’ – The Surprise

Lovely! Our twins were a surprise to us – let alone anyone else. Lol

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What's in a name 2

Because of the theme of this story – I have left the name blank until the end as a surprise.

What’s In a Name – ‘I’ – The Surprise

The news of her pregnancy was a surprise to the 45 year old and to be honest not a welcome one. Her two other children, both boys in their late teens, were very happily studying at the same university fifty miles away. Whilst she missed them all the time, she had sailed through the empty-nest syndrome perfectly well.

Jane had gone to the doctor to enquire about hormone replacement as she seemed to have entered the menopause early. Before prescribing the treatment, her doctor felt it was a good idea to rule out any other reason for her symptoms with a simple test. He delivered the news with a certain amount of care to a bewildered Jane; sitting at her side…

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