The Silent Eye’s 2016 Summer pre-solstice event

The Silent Eye

St David's montage

Shake off the Winter blues – Anticipate the Summer ahead and book now for the Silent Eye’s 2016 pre-Solstice weekend, “Whispers in the West”, to take place in the ancient landscapes of Pembrokeshire, West Wales,  June 17-19, 2016.

We will base ourselves in the ancient Celtic city of St David’s, near to the cathedral, whose site dates back to the 6th century. St David’s will be the main focus of the Sunday morning walk and talk. The ancient city offers a good choice of hotels and well-priced guest houses as well as a choice of restaurants.

From the magical traces of the ancient Druids, through the splendour of St David’s Cathedral to the modern and unchanged landscape of Pembrokeshire, the weekend has much to offer.

We will be conducted by a local member of the Silent Eye School who knows the landscape and its history well.

Our outline itinerary is:

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21 thoughts on “The Silent Eye’s 2016 Summer pre-solstice event

      • No… no longer sylph-like… but I can, as of a couple of weeks ago, now plead the excuse of a long term medical condition which…thankfully… seems to explain an awful lot over the past few years. 🙂 And I thought I was just getting old and falling apart 😀


      • Well thin is sooooo passée! I hope the medical problem isn’t debilitating (not noseying – just sending good vibes) I have wasted a whole day with feet up reading – oh the bore of it. hah! Came a cropper in the centre of Cardiff yesterday and sprained my ankle, which has put a stop to my gallop! Drove home very slooooowly – yes, it was me that caused the traffic jam going West on Friday night. And we’re only old when we stop thinking, however the body lets us down. I can vouch that you are still thinking very well Jx


      • Oh no! How on earth did you manage to drive like that? I know there is often no choice, but that must have been awful!

        And what a terrible way to have to spend the day too.. 😉

        Debilitating? Hell yes! And there was me thinking it would be joint replacements next, if I could stay awake long enough for the trips to the surgeons… Ah well, it has only taken them 8 months to let me know the results of the blood tests….oh, no, wait… they still haven’t actually let me know. My own GP found out by accident…(you might gather there is an unhappy hobbit here…much of my thinking is being done through a red haze at present 😉 ).


      • Wasn’t easy!! And there was much honking and fist waving (Not me!! – though I did feel, many times, to ‘giving the bird’ as my daughters would say – if only I could have thought exactly how to do it whilst grimacing in pain haha) I just wish MPs had to rely on the NHS – there’d soon be a shake up. Red haze temper? Red haze pain? Either don’t help us to keep our equilibrium. Look after yourself Jx


      • I can imagine…I’ve limped the car home once or twice 😉

        Both… but mainly just not happy at a system failure. Bad enough for me, but how many others are slipping through the net?


      • It was a horrid journey – I’m afraid I blubbered when I arrived home. And I know what you mean. But it’s every department these days- we’re struggling with the social services at the moment for a relative. Seems to me, we’re mostly on our own. Not always a bad thing; I like to think we’re all capable of running our own lives but sometimes we need ‘outside’ help. And often it’s just not there. And that makes me sad/ angry/frustrated. Rant over!! I’m generally quite happy with my lot – even when I ‘face-plant’ as daughter called it, in front of crowds of people! Lol


      • I’m not surprised! I would have too!
        It bothers me that there are so many good people working within the system who are being hampered by it… seen it all too often, as well as the right royal battles I had to get decent care for my son in some places.


      • I’m sure you must. You must have needed to be so determined and strong and ‘pig-headed’. Something I’m good at – being ‘pig-headed, I mean. Such an odd phrase – like many in the English language!. One of my students works for an offshoot of social services. She gets so frustrated by the boundaries. She told me our young relative needs to be ‘at risk’ before they will/can legally do anything. Which, apparently means physical risk. What happens to mentally/ emotionally/morally at risk? Hope he won’t mind my sticking my oar in butI think Nick seems to have come a good long way – you fought a good fight there.jx


      • I can imagine. One of Nick’s early visitors from Social Services had worked with them all her life and really knew her stuff…and the people she was really working for. She moved heaven and earth for her clients… and was being pushed out in favour of untrained clerks who would stick to the tick boxes instead of understanding the real needs of real people. makes my blood boil.
        But yes, Nick seems to have done pretty well 🙂 x


      • Think I’d better call it a day for now. Ankle like a balloon. So annoying! Writing with foot on desk really doesn’t work Lol. Going downstairs to read for a review I’m supposed to have done. Night, Sue.Jx


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