I Am Plus Size and Loving IT: by Fiza Pathan

A celebratory post from Fiza


SKY_0034I was not always a plus size woman. I used to be just around 45 kgs with a waist line that always measured 24”. However, due to health issues which were far beyond my control, I started gaining tremendous amount of weight by the time I was 20 years old. By the time I passed out of Degree College at the age of 21, I weighed 78 kgs with a hell of a lot of water retention due to severe hormonal imbalance. I tried everything I could to reduce: yoga, aerobics, gyming, walking, jogging, a strict diet you name it…but nothing helped reduce my weight as my health issues worsened.

Today, I weigh 106 kgs and have a waist line measuring 50”.

But am I saddened or troubled by that fact?

Do I always think about how I can reduce?

Do I kill myself with a strict diet?

No, I…

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