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Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

pink rose cropped

Time for some of the posts from our blogging community. I use the term community because that is what it is. Apart from being great writers with interesting posts, the bloggers that I meet every week are supportive, they comment, like and share. It does not matter that I am on a mountain with wind howling around the house and minus 8 degrees forecast for later in the week.. I know that I only have to pop into a few friends houses for a warm welcome!

Obviously there have been some great posts related to St. Valentine’s Day some of which I have included in this week’s round up of the posts I have read this week. But there are also some posts that struck a chord because of their content. Teachezwell with silver linings, Edwina’s Episodes and vivid childhood memories and that feeling as a writer that despite all…

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