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Rosie Amber

Today’s second team review comes from Terry, she blogs at

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Terry has been reading What Did I Say by Bev Spicer



4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by me as a member of Rosie Amber’s Review Team

This mysterious domestic drama had a most interesting and unusual plot; I couldn’t work out where it was going at all, which kept me turning the pages.

The story is told from multiple first person points of view, the main one (to my mind) being Jessica, who is aged between eleven and thirteen for most of the story. She’s an overweight, shy girl who doesn’t get on that well with her parents, but has an unusually close bond with her best friend, Jack Banford. Jack is a troubled young boy with divorced parents, and his mother is dying.

I thought the way Jess…

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