#Roadtrip: Over The River & Through The Woods @rosieamber1 guests with @barbtaub

Rosie Amber

While Barb travels across India, she’s invited several guests to natter about their holiday memories, today it’s my turn. Re-blogged from BarbTaub.com

Packing to go over the river and through the woods?


With gas prices dropped to levels you haven’t seen since you gave birth, many parents are considering road trips with their children (we recommend at least three under age six). If you haven’t packed for a road trip since that unfortunate incident with the Swedish Beach Volleyball Team and the goat during Spring Break your second year of college, you may need the following packing tips.

  1. Make two piles, Essential and Nonessential. The first things to put in the Essential pile are several giant-size boxes of Pampers. You never know when you’ll be in some foreign locale (anywhere it’s a toll call to your pediatrician) where they might not have the necessities of life like disposable diapers.
  2. Your children will naturally want to bring mementos…

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