Feel Good Friday

Have a laugh

Facing 50 with humour.

GetAttachment-6.aspxThere is increasing evidence that laughter is really good for you, so hopefully you’ll enjoy at least one of this mixed bag of jokes. Hope they set you up for the weekend.

If you have any funnies you’d like to share with us, email me at author@carolewyer.co.uk and I’ll put them up.


Paddy and Murphy are on a cruise ship.
Paddy says, “It’s awfully quiet on deck tonight.”
Murphy says, “Everyone will be watching the band.”
Paddy says, “There isn’t a band playing tonight.”

So Murphy says, “I definitely heard someone say, ‘a band on ship.’


The AA have warned that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take a shovel, blankets/sleeping bag, extra clothing (including scarf, hat and gloves), 24 hour supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch, spare battery, petrol can, first aid kit and jump leads.
I did feel like a right twit on the…

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