Got A Writing Problem? Let Me Know

Sacha Black

Writing problemYou there, reading this…

I need your help.

I’ve had an idea. I know. I know. Finish the chuffing books you’re working on first. But you know I can’t help myself. Besides, this is for research purposes only…I won’t write a word until at least one of my other books is finished…honest.

Have you ever, or do you currently have a problem with your writing?

It could be ANYTHING. From pesky crutch words, to not being able to blend between scenes or chapters. Maybe you just can’t get your character arc right. Or perhaps its dialogue that plagues you. Is it the outline? The synopsis? Or just plain old fight scenes that bug you.

Whatever your writing woe/s, I am desperate to find out.

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4 thoughts on “Got A Writing Problem? Let Me Know

  1. Sacha, be prepared for loads of comments! As with everyone, problems with writing are endless for me – the overuse of certain words, and finding alternatives, is a constant one for me; my vocabulary is not as wide as it should be. Another one is, quite simply, worrying that it’s interesting enough to keep people turning the pages. I read a LOT of books, over 10 a month at the moment, and I find this to be the major question – does it make me want to keep turning the pages, or am I looking at the bottom and thinking ‘crikey, am I only at 43%?’.
    The elements that make a book one of the latter:
    1. If it’s simply not that well written. Which comes down to talent, and talent alone.
    2. Not enough plot, by which I mean not enough stuff actually happening. I don’t like long tomes of inner turmoil!
    3. Too many errors (grammar, punctuation).
    4. Too much mundane detail.

    I’ve just realised I’ve got off the point of the blog post. So, yes – my main worry is making sure my book is a page turner. Which is, alas, something you can rarely tell, yourself!

    ps, as for this ‘blending’ between scenes/chapters of which you speak – try not doing so. Just go straight into the next stuff that actually happens 🙂

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