Memories are made of this – 1992 – London Docklands, I Drove All Night with Roy Orbison – The Crying Game

Wonderfully funny and poignant at the same time. Just listened to The Crying Game … always makes me cry!! And Roy Orbison – one of our favourites to play in the car on one of our interminable journeys lately. Thanks, Sally

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

DSCN0128Welcome to 1992 and we have just celebrated our fifth Christmas in our house in South Woodford. I was  job hunting and at the same time helping a couple of friends with their respective business start-ups. David was now Engineering Director of the cable and telecommunications company in the docklands and  he was working long hours. However we still managed to find time for parties and to pop into the cinema in the centre of London most weekends.

We would have gatherings to our house regularly as we still missed the progressive parties that we enjoyed during our time in Houston. The Woodford house would be packed out with our friends and David’s colleagues; buckets of frozen margaritas were prepared and waited to be consumed. Ice cold Corona beers sweated in ice filled baby baths and plates of food were placed around the kitchen, dining room and lounge for people…

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