Mention in Dispatches – Irish Ablutions – Lollipops – The Camino Trail- Copycats

Some great posts to check out from Sally. Love these round-ups – so easy to miss in the week.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to this week’s mention in dispatches. As always I could populate the post with so many more blogs but I hope you will enjoy this small selection and head over to read the posts themselves.

mention in dispatches

Another fascinating look at the ancient world not just in Ireland but also in the Orkneys that had a fully functioning sewage system 5,000 years ago… or if you prefer… Roman style where you could have a chat and conduct your business at the same time! Ali Isaac brings all this together in a great post.

I also shared this post by Steph Richmondon Facebook and judging by the comments there were several people who felt the same way. Life is way too short. I have outgrown many things now and no doubt there will be more along the way.

Teresa Karlinski wrote a delightful story this week from the prompt…

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