Review: The Nile Conspiracy by Inge H Borg


The Nile Conspiracy-Inge H Borg“The Nile Conspiracy” by Inge H Borg is another strong effort in her exciting and fresh “Legends of the Scarab” Series. While I’m not usually a fan of conspiracy thrillers, this one touches on a real issue: the sharing of water and natural resources. A previous book in the series was set in an apocalyptical world and opened questions of how the future of humanity might be shaped.
With her finger so tightly on the pulse of time the story had me at ‘Nile’ and never let off.
Political agendas, archaeological and personal interests come to play. The story itself is really good. I’ve warmed to the characters as much as I have grown fond of the skillful way in which Borg uses language. Highly intelligent and gripping this is one of her finest.

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