Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT SEARCHING FOR SUMMER by Christine Campbell @Campbama

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Joanne, she blogs at

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Joanne has been reading Searching For Summer by Christine Campbell


My review: ‘Searching for Summer’ is a character-driven story that draws the reader deep into Mirabelle’s complicated life from the outset. This well-written mystery delves long and hard into the emotional anguish of a mother searching for her missing teenage daughter, and as such I found it a painful read at times. That said, it’s all not doom and gloom! Mirabelle is a fun-loving character, and the man in her life also makes for a compelling read.

The suspense is well handled, and I felt the pace was just about right throughout. While many readers may not agree with all of Mirabelle’s choices I felt the author went a long way to explain her background, and most parents would probably find themselves identifying with her at times. I note that…

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