Keeping score: Dagwood & Rex vs My Parents

Barb Taub

I was thinking about my parents, who would have been married 64 years today. In their honor, here is a little post I wrote for their 40th anniversary.

February 23, 1952

  • Major William T. Whisler shot down a North Korean MIG-15, his sixth, to earn himself the title of “Ace”.
  • In the Sunday comics, Dagwood Bumsted asked his boss for a raise. He did not get one.
  • Robert T. Harvey of Detroit asked for a divorce from his wife Ruth, because she “…didn’t talk enough and her weeks of silence became deafening.” He did get one.
  • “GIRLS! GIRLS! Grab your guy and come a-running to the most brilliant musical of 1952” urged ads for With a Song in My Heart starring Susan Hayward and Rory Calhoun. (Neither could dance. Or sing.) Tickets were 40-cents until 6:00PM when they went to 60-cents.
  • If your guy said “Neigh” to Hayward and Calhoun…

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