#MidWeek POV #wwwblogs Aging Gracefully. Or not.

On getting older without getting old. Lovely post and poem from Marcia

The Write Stuff


Me? I don’t THEENK so!

In less than a month, on glorious St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll turn seventy-two. SEVENTY. TWO. It boggles my mind, especially when I look into the mirror and see an old lady looking back at me. Most days, I still think of myself as young. Barely an adult. Then I remind myself that I wasn’t cast for a permanent run as Sweet Young Thing, and start thinking about all the things I want to do in the time allotted to me. Of course, I’ll have to live to be  134 to accomplish half of them. 😉

I’d like to hear how you good folks feel about aging. How do you deal with the new aches and pains, for instance? I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I spend part of the day grousing that nothing looks the same as it used to look, nothing works as well as it…

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2 thoughts on “#MidWeek POV #wwwblogs Aging Gracefully. Or not.

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog, Judith. I appreciate it greatly! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and the poem. Poetry was my first love, all the way back to when I was about 4. I started writing rhymes THAT long ago. 😀 Today my poetry doesn’t usually rhyme, but I still love writing it, even though my novels are far more popular. I’ll always write poems, just because I love them.


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