Notes from a small dog – Chill

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ani moon 001

Frankly, you two legs have got problems. Especially her… why can’t she just chill? Okay, she says she’s been chilling too much today with the heating gone, but you know what I mean.

All I was doing was having a nice, quiet nap… you’d think she’d be pleased. I was… it was good to get my sofa back and after I’d checked the place out, just in case I’d missed anything while we were away… and helped her unpack her bags, to see where she’d been and what she’d been up  to, I thought I deserved a snooze. Particularly after that trying session with the pigeons… they seem to think that just because I’m away for a couple of days they can move into my garden..! Between them and old Ginger next door, I have my work cut out, you know…

I may have had to bark a bit… and…

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