Welsh Wednesdays Interview with Wendy Steele


author pic 2016Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Wendy Steele, who moved to Wales around the same time as I did and who is confirmed participant of The Llandeilo Book Fair on sat April 30th.  Welcome Wendy! First up, please tell us about your connection to Wales.

I fell in love with Wales 15 years ago on our first family holiday to the area and my partner and I followed our dream to live here, arriving in August 2013. We lived in a tent for a couple of months while our purchase went through and finally moved into two rooms of our dilapidated farmhouse in November 2013. Upstairs is still not liveable but at least we have a roof, rather than a piece of flimsy tin!
Tell us a little about yourself as writer and as person.

In 1972, I came home from the Tutankhamun exhibition in London and…

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