Review: “The Embroiderer” by Kathryn Gauci


9781781322963-Perfect.indd“The Embroiderer” by Kathryn Gauci has been a marvellous find for me. It is just the kind of historical novel that I like to read. It is highly informative with a lot of political and cultural insights about a theatre of war I knew little about: The Ottoman Empire between 1822 and 1944 with a special focus on Greece and Asia Minor from 1912 onwards.
The story is spread out over several generations and illustrates multiple conflicts. An array of well-drawn characters make the wider picture personal and intimate.
In short, it was a real pleasure for me to read.

“Set against the mosques and minarets of Asia Minor and the ruins of ancient Athens, ‘The Embroiderer’ is a gripping saga of love and loss, hope and despair, and of the extraordinary courage of women in the face of adversity. 1822: During one of the bloodiest massacres of The…

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