Coffee with Barb & Lizzy Lamb: Location, Location #SundayBlogShare

Steaming cup of coffee in hand I enjoyed this lovely post from Lizzie Lamb. Reading the first paragraph from Barb and seeing the photo reminded me of the time we were in China and how I stood out amongst the petite women joining in with their morning exercises in a local square. Well I was about a foot taller. First time I’d felt I was ‘The Other’… even though they made us very welcome. So, my choice would be China and a Romance. But don’t ask me to write it!

Barb Taub

I feel like a superstar.Travelling through rural India with my two long-suffering friends, everywhere we go people beg to have their picture taken with us. Yesterday, for example, we went into Fort Jaigarth, a stunning mountain fortress in the hills of Rajasthan. Just inside the gates, we stopped to admire the beautifully dressed women lined up for photos. Next thing we knew, we were at the center of a photo flash mob. Women jostled for position next to us, while the men with them snapped pictures. The guys soon decided they needed to be in the pictures too, so they traded off handfulls of cameras and posed next to us as well. I think we would be there still if my friend Jaya–clearly made of sterner stuff–hadn’t reminded the lot of us that we were actually there to learn about the history of the place. 

Photo flash mob Photo flash mob

As a…

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