#MidWeekPOV #amwriting #wwwblogs How I Write Part One

The Write Stuff


In the interest of better time management and maximizing my writing output, I’ve read a lot of articles and books on how other writers do it. Over and over, I’ve read the first thing you should do every morning is write, to the exclusion of anything else. Most say they take their cup of coffee (Oh, look! They DID make an exclusion, after all. 😀 ) and head for their computer/typewriter/legal tablet (shudder), and start writing. No checking their blogs, no answering emails, nothing to put a damper on the morning’s inspiration and output. To that, I say, balderdash! Tommyrot! And, I don’t theenk so! At least not for me.

I am a tiny bit obsessive about my emails, for one thing. I can put a hold on breakfast, or blogs, or setting up my social calendar, but two things must be done immediately upon starting my day. One, the dogs 

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