Welsh Wednesdays Interview: Jean Gill


sher blanche pyr intToday I have the pleasure of introducing the very talented Jean Gill.
Welcome to Welsh Wednesdays. First up, please tell us about your connection to Wales.

Wales is my adopted country. After a nomadic childhood, I moved to Pontyberem in Carmarthenshire when I was 22 and then worked as a teacher in south Wales for 25 years, far longer than I’ve lived anywhere else.

Yetyou live in Provence now. Why did you leave Wales?

Rain. My husband says I take weather personally and I found the endless rain depressing. I reached a high level in my career – my claim to fame is that I was the first woman to be a secondary Headteacher in Carmarthenshire (two of us were appointed that year in the whole of Wales) but I had little time for my ‘other life’ as a writer. I had two CVs and was more and more…

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