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Pink custard and POW camps – what more can you ask for. Another Brilliant interview from Marcia who can wheedle out the most fascinating facts from her interviewees. This time it’s Thorne Moore under the microscope.

The Write Stuff

FFGB Graphic

Known Knowns and Unknown Unknowns

“Write about what you know” is useful advice. I thought it would be very easy to follow, when writing my latest book, The Unravelling, which will be published in July. First of all, I would be looking at the world as seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old, in the mid-1960s. She would be living in a town quite similar to Luton, on a council estate that was just beginning to replace the prefabs, which had been thrown up to provide quick emergency housing, after the war.

 I was a ten-year-old in the mid-1960s, living on the edge of a council estate in Luton, and, walking to school, I witnessed the demolition of the prefabs, including the one my grandparents had lived in. Simple.


Post war prefabs

It is remarkably easy to remember every little detail of my world, 50 years ago, from the cotton…

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2 thoughts on “#FabulousFridayGuestBlogger @ThorneMoore

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Judith, but I have to confess, I didn’t do much wheedling. For the FFGB posts, I just ask folks to write whatever they’d like to talk about, and let ’em do their thing, pretty much. This is exactly what Thorne sent back to me, and I loved it! So glad you enjoyed it.


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