Review: “On Lucky Shores” by Kerry J Donovan

Loved this book.


My Review of On Lucky Shores by Kerry J Donovan 

For me this book stands out because of the main character: Chet Walker, a travelling musician, who arrives in Lucky Shores, a sleepy, Colorado, small town that has its shares of secrets, history and under-currents. His narrative and perspective on the town as an outsider is humorous and easy to relate to; he is a very watchable man.
When he meets Joey and delivers a message from her father, things are not going as smoothly as he had planned. The chemistry between the two of them and their changing relationship is well done and provides a great interest as the rest of the complex story unfolds.
The mystery plot with its link to the past is quite unpredictable and certainly twisted enough for me to have felt entertained all the way through. There are great side characters to flesh out…

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