Mention in Dispatches – Zombies, Goblins and Humming Birds.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

mention in dispatches

Welcome to this week’s very small selection of blogs that I have visited this week. Such a wide range of topics available, and a huge volume of work that even five years ago we would not have had access to. It has been a very busy two weeks and thank goodness for this talented group of writers that have given me an excuse to down tools for short periods and recharge my batteries.

chris_the_story_reading_ape.jpgThe Story Reading Ape with author and actor Jack Wallen who brings us the alternative afterlife with his Zombie and horror books.. Thirty of them so far… that is what I call prolific.

Ali Isaac

Ali Isaac​ with another wonderful post on Ancient Irish Culture. Most of the codes of conduct still exist today with a warm hospitality and loyal friendship.   There are some codes that should still be practised today and illustrate how civilised our ancestors were…

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