Just doesn’t pay to be dead… #ExcerptWeek ~ ONE WAY FARE by @barbtaub

The Write Stuff

As part of Excerpt Week, here is a little taste of my first book, One Way Fare.

B1 OWFEXCERPT: ONE WAY FARE by Barb Taub & Hannah Taub

Some days it just didn’t pay to be dead.

“It’s not fair,” Gaby panted as Leila pulled ahead on the hillside. All those hours as the victim of Bill-the-Hun on her BodiesByBill exercise tapes and she was eating Leila’s dust? Of course the hole in her side wasn’t helping things. And—was blood squishing into those over-priced new running shoes Leila had insisted they buy?

Behind them, she could hear the disciplined beat of pursuit. Well, sure they can concentrate on chasing us; they don’t have to worry about how to get blood out of $240 sneakers. 

“Do something,” begged Leila.

“I’m an accountant,” gasped Gaby. What does she want me to do? I could give the IRS an anonymous tip, but satisfying…

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