COAL HOUSE by W.S Barton #BookReview #GhostStory #SundayBlogShare

Rosie Amber

Coal HouseCoal House by W.S. Barton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Coal House is an easy read ghost story set in Wales in the 1950’s, Clara and Finn Harper live in London and have turned to the property development market.

Whilst taking a break in Wales they rashly buy a property, unseen at a local auction for just £250. However locals are quick to hint at legends and rumours that the house and land are haunted. Whilst Clara returns to London to settle their affairs, Finn moves into the fully furnished property and immediately experiences eerie night noises and ghostly happenings.

The paranormal activity increases with the return of Clara and when a local tragedy occurs Finn believes it is all linked. His hopes of settling in Wales and raising a family look doomed, especially when Clara reveals a secret from her past. Are the ghosts a hoax from the…

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