My Review of Till the Fat Lady Slims – the ‘When’ Diet:


By Debbie Flint  (Author), Angela Oltmann (Illustrator)

I reviewed this book after winning a copy in a raffle organised between the author and

The Blurb:

In 1998 Debbie Flint found herself more than two stone overweight, under stress and in need of help. Enter Freedom Eating. This natural weight loss method helped her break free from Food Prison and un-learn all the bad habits from a lifetime of ‘starting again on Monday.’ This semi-autobiographical book features her original 2002 ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims,’ containing some painful secrets many of us will find all too familiar.

FREEDOM EATING – so who is it for?
For people who have tried to lose weight but nothing seems to be working – try this.
For people who eat for reasons other than hunger – try this.
For people who give in to binge-eating – try this unique approach.
Definitely for intelligent, single working women.
Definitely for those who have children with weight problems.
Definitely for men who do any of the above – sometimes partners benefit too.

My Review:

Till the Fat Lady Slims – The When Diet has an interesting concept: rather than being a straightforward diet book, it is an insight into the author’s personal journey on the road to self-improvement and weight loss; she writes of her struggles, her determination to succeed in losing weight and of her belief that it is possible to break free from what she calls ‘The Food Prison’. 

 The writing style is chatty but not patronising. Debbie Flint does not promise a magical solution; the plan is based, as are most other diet books, around eating less and moving more.

 The book makes sense, is easy to read and understand the ideology behind the concept of Freedom Eating; to eat only when hungry and to stop when satisfied.

Would I recommend this book? To anyone who wants to change their attitude to food, doesn’t want to feel pressured, has tried many ways to lose weight and wants to identify with someone who has been there and knows the struggles – yes, I would.

Buy here:

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