Just an Odd Job Girl serialisation – Chapter Six – Hot footing it up escalators.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

41htK9i5QfL._UY250_In the last chapter we left imogen deciding whether or not to remain at Huntley’s department store.. she does stay and moves to a fashion department where things were not always ladylike!  Previous chapters can be found in the directory or the archives. I am flying home to Ireland today and will pop in later to respond to any comment.  I hope you enjoy. Just an Odd Job Girl

Chapter Six

I was invited to join the team working for a brand of ladies clothing, specifically made for petite, rounder women. I was a little out of place, being nearly six-foot tall, and rather younger than both the staff and the clientele. But, I had my uses. My experiences in chasing small boys with their stolen dirty postcards came in very handy.

Although we were a very upmarket department store, we still had our share of shoplifters. Unfortunately, the better…

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