Wednesday Wing – What do those #Bookreview Star Ratings Mean? #wwwblogs

very useful information here from #RBRT & Terry Tyler. Thanks botyh

Rosie Amber

Wednesday Wing brings you tips and notes on a range of book related items.

Rosie's Notebook

Last week we brought you some simple easy to use book review templates to get the new reviewer under way

Today we’re going to look at the world of Book Review Star Ratings. I’d like to Thank Terry Tyler for her valuable input with this post.

The star rating of a book is so important, as it can make the difference between a ‘buy’ or a ‘pass’ for a potential reader. The star average is important for authors, too, if they are approaching book promotion sites.

But what does each star rating mean? Just to make it nice and confusing, on Amazon and Goodreads the stars actually mean slightly different things, and although most book bloggers have their own system (often stated on their blog), it’s as well to be aware of what the…

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