New Release: “LIGHTS OF POLARIS” by Melodie Ramone


LightsofpolaristourbannerI’m overly excited to tell you about this new release. Melodie’s debut novel, “After Forever Ends” really touched me deeply. “Burning Down Rome” was equally well received. Through my interview with her we became close friends. Her books have, rightfully, found critical acclaim. I am delighted to offer you an excerpt and details of her giveaway.

The book starts with a great prologue that Melodie 1beautifully sets the reader up for the force that will soon become unleashed.  Melodie has a sharp observational talent when it comes to human nature and about what makes them tick. I wish I had a better memory so I could remember many of those fantastic one-liners.

Daisy leaves her fiance Dan and moves back to her family, but the past is not as easily forgotten or left behind sometimes. Melodie has created excellent characters – Daisy has a huge family, her brother is a…

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