Old Wives and Pipe Staples? #SundayBlogShare

Hilarious post on Weather in Glasgow from Barb

Barb Taub

How to talk weather in Scotland

Tuesday Updates: Old Wives and Pipe StaplesI’m writing today, so here’s a wee repeat post from a few Aprils ago.

In Scotland, you can talk to anybody, anytime as long as you start each conversation with a weather observation. For its part, the country provides you with weather. They might not do the big stuff—hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue photo shoots—but they do have a lot of wee weather. And the best part is that all you have to do to have an actual Scottish conversation is repeat back what you hear. You don’t even have to know what you’re saying.

Scot: “It’s a wee dreich today.”
Me: “Dreich?”
Scot: “Ah wis juist sayin it’s a nice drookit smirr.
Me: “Drookit smirr?”
Scot: “Aye, crakin’ efter yesterday’s wee pish-oot.”
Me: “Pish-oot?”
Scot: “Course my son tells me tomorrow will be rainin’ auld wives and pipe staples.”
Me: “Old…

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